WayBeyond Rewards: The 5 Best Ways to Save Money When You Eat Out

There is no doubt that eating out can be an expensive luxury, but there are many ways you can save money. Here are just a few:

  1. Get a $25.00 Gift Card every month.

WayBeyond Rewards offers a $25.00 gift card every month as just one of their many features. Considering that WayBeyond Rewards is a membership which offers discounts, rebates, and coupons on everything from eating out to legal assistance for only $24.99 a month, this gift card alone pays for the membership. Check it out at


  • Look for online coupons and gift cards.

Frequently restaurant websites and their social media sites will offer coupons or specials. Even signing up for their rewards program will usually net you a free appetizer or discounted something. One of my new favorite places to check is WayBeyond Rewards.   They offer massive discounts on restaurants, bars/taverns, fast food, casual or fine dining, and more. I got $6 off my lunch at Subway today!


  • Sharing entrees or appetizers is a great way to save some money on eating out.

Grab some friends and order just a couple of entrees or share a couple of appetizers instead of paying for separate meals for everyone.

  • Look for free appetizer specials.  Avoiding the cost of an appetizer will go a long way towards saving money on the final bill.


  • Check for the restaurant’s specials.

Choose a restaurant or a time when the restaurant is having a special. Sometimes it is free alcohol for happy hour or free children’s meals after a local sports team wins a game.

-Submitted by Foody324

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