Happy friyay! I love pay day, but I HATE how all my bills slide out as soon as my direct deposit hits. Fortunately, Instant Savings Club powered by WayBeyond Rewards gives me the ability to put some of that money back into my wallet.

Just by clicking on the “cash” icon in MyAccount, I can IMMEDIATELY get back the value of my membership and more. Instant Savings Club offers over $1,500 cashback on expenses I’m already guaranteed to spend – cell phone bills, grocery bills, childcare, gas, cost of public transit, internet and utility bills. I have to spend the cash, but they’ll give it back to me! This benefit alone helps me pay for my membership60 times over.

I’d love to tell you more about the great benefits offered by WayBeyond Rewards, but I’m late for happy hour  Did I mention that my happy hour cocktail(s) are brought to me by WayBeyond Rewards? – I get a $25 gift every month that I’m a member! Just one more benefit brought to me by WayBeyond Rewards.

-Submitted by Awesome_ShopperGirl27

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