DIY Thanksgiving Decor on a Budget-

All the cute and cozy, none of the costly!

Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of preparation. Starting from the house cleaning, to the food shopping, to the house decorating, and how can we forget the cooking? For that reason, we want to help make one part of your Thanksgiving holiday a little less stressful, and a little more affordable, with DIY Thanksgiving Décor. WayBeyond Rewards can help you save on so many aspects of life, so we just want to give you one more opportunity to put a little cash back in your pocket.

So how do you get the cute and the cozy without the costly?

The two fall DIY pieces: Table Centerpiece & a Wreath!

Canela Candles:

For this simple and elegant décor you will need three candles, cinnamon sticks, a hot glue gun, a ribbon of any color, and a dish.

Step 1: Make sure the candles are all the same height before you affix the cinnamon to the candles.

Step 2: Vertically hot glue the cinnamon sticks to the candles, one by one, until the entire candle is covered

Step 3: Lastly tie the ribbon around the candle, and place all three candles on a dish.

What’s better than a house that feels like a cozy home and smells good? We couldn’t think of anything either.

Photography: Earl Carter – Source:

FALL’ing over this wreath:

Here’s what you’ll need! A wire hanger right out of your closet, pinecones right from the outdoors, a hot glue gun, white spray paint, beads, and a ribbon of your choice.

DIY Decor

Step 1: Hot glue the beads individually to the bottom of each pinecone.

DIY Wreath

Step 2: String the beaded pinecones through the wire hanger in a way that looks prettiest to you. Try to avoid gaps and wiggling.

DIY Wreath

Step 3: Lay the wreath outside, take the white spray paint and lightly spray for a snow kissed effect.

DIY Wreath

Step 4: Lastly, attach that big beautiful bow, and hang your new fall wreath

Our members are constantly saving money on everyday purchases! However, we want our members to have the knowledge they need to create things with their own hands, and to know that in return, this could save them thousands of dollars. Go you for inexpensively welcoming fall, family, and thanksgiving!

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What Living in a World Where Everyone Needs Glasses is Like..From The Eyes of a Vision Discount Program

ExpensiveVision Discount Program

We’ve always figured that, at some point in our lives, we may need glasses. The reality has become that most of us already have them. The eyewear industry is booming and unfortunately, the weaker our eyes get, the more it grows. It’s bad enough that glasses aren’t cheap, but it’s even worse that, if we need them, we really can’t avoid having to get them. Groundbreaking, I know. If only there was a vision discount program you could actually rely on…

Here’s something you might not know. There is! but first some bad and good news. Bad News- Your insurance doesn’t typically care if you want a trendy pair of glasses, or that maybe you prefer a sophisticated look, or that you’re more of a simple-comfortable-pair kind of person. Good News-They’ll cover some of the cost of your glasses because that’s what insurance is for, right? Well, what about the rest of the cost? Even better news-That’s where we come in.

Our vision discount program can make the cost of your new, trendy, comfortable, sophisticated glasses a little less painful on your wallet.

Our members save up to 40% off with our eyeglasses discounts, contact lens discounts, and even eye exams discounts, at over 65,000 providers nationwide. This includes leading optical retailers such as  LensCrafters®, Sears Optical® Target Optical®, JCPenney® Optical, and most Pearle Vision® locations.

Wait, there’s more! You know that little surgery that could literally fix your eye problems? Our members get LASIK discounts and even LASIK coupons of up to 15% off standard prices or 5% off promotional prices.

 Now, that’s what we call groundbreaking. Learn more about how we constantly strive to make an expensive, unavoidable purchase a little more affordable, one member at a time

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Thanksgiving Travel Hacks from a Travel Discount Program

Travel Discount Program Thanksgiving Sale

While you’re hoping to get home to get a plate of your mom’s homemade green bean casserole this Thanksgiving, so are millions of other Americans. That’s why we have three travel tips from our Travel Discount Program to help you get around that Thanksgiving holiday stress.

Pro Travel Tip One – Dating wisely:

No this isn’t what you think it is. All we mean by this is pick your travel dates carefully. Keep in mind that just like you, people all over the states are also traveling so booking cheap flights, cheap hotels, and even cheap rental cars in advance is going to be your saving grace this holiday! Or you could do it the other way around. Did you know that flying on the holiday itself could actually help you avoid that thanksgiving airport congestion? So whether you’re an early booker or a little more of a straggler, make sure you pick exactly the right time to have a stress free traveling experience.


Pro Travel Tip Two – Be Picky with Security Lines

Once you’ve booked and arrived at the airport, something as mindless as picking the right security line could reduce your traveling stress too. See a line with parents traveling with kids? Avoid it. See a line with a person who packed enough for a month, for one holiday? Avoid it. All lines look equally as miserably long? Nicely Ask TSA which line seems to be moving the fastest for the best advice as to where to go – nicely being the operative word here.

Pro Travel Tip Three- Book through WayBeyond Rewards!

With historically high projected numbers of Americans traveling this Thanksgiving, finding the top Thanksgiving deals could make or break your stress levels. Luckily as a member, bidding for the best traveling deals, hotel deals, and even rental cars doesn’t apply to you. Through WayBeyond Rewards’ travel discount program, you can find the lowest rates with no booking fees and no bidding, because getting you home at the best price is our priority this holiday and each holiday to come. Even if you’re not a member, there’s still time to be as stress free as our members are. How you may ask? Because on top of our already-low prices, we’ve added a thanksgiving sale if you book between October 21st – November 22nd.

Traveling on thanksgiving may not be ideal, but if it means getting home for that green bean casserole many of us would jump hell and high water for it. Follow our pro travel tips to make that jump as stress-free as possible for you, and let joining WayBeyond Rewards’ travel discount program be just one more thing you’re thankful for this thanksgiving



What’s an Open-End Line of Credit? Is it a Good Fit for Me?

Credit cards, lines of credit, open-end credit plans, payday loans, title loans, installment loans, personal loans – it can be easy to drown in the options when you’re considering which financial product will work the best for you.

Fortunately, we can help add some color to your decision by explaining the open-end line of credit offered to WayBeyond Rewards members.

WayBeyond Rewards, offers our members access to a 5.99% APR open-end line of credit, underwritten and serviced by our trusted lending partner, Loyalty Lending. Almost all members are approved, regardless of credit score.

Open-end lines of credit operate similar to a credit card – you’re given an initial credit limit from which you can draw cash advances. This means that you can take cash, up to the amount of your credit limit, from your line of credit and use it to shop, pay bills, etc. You can use those funds anywhere that you can use cash. Your line of credit funds can be distributed to you through a virtual or physical MasterCard or by a deposit into your bank account.

Once you’ve demonstrated good repayment behavior to Loyalty Lending, you can contact them and ask for a credit limit increase. If approved, Loyalty Lending will issue you additional funds that you can draw from to get more cash.

You make payments to Loyalty Lending on a periodic basis that will be described to you in your agreement with them. Unlike a payday or installment loan, there is no date when the loan must be paid off – rather, you can continue making payments on your account and apply for additional credit increases and drawdowns for an indefinite term (so long as you remain in good standing on your account). There’s also no penalty for paying off the loan and closing your account at any point, so you can use the line of credit while you need it and close it when you don’t need it anymore.

The open-end line of credit offered to WayBeyond Rewards members boasts an APR that’s lower than the vast majority of major credit card brands, so it’s a great option for people trying to obtain credit at a rate that only applicants with the best credit scores usually receive. We hope that you’ll give it a try.

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Nothing contained herein should be considered legal, financial, or other advice or counsel.

Trendy and Thrifty: How to impress by dressing for your budget using retail store discounts & coupons!

The Trend thanks to the Thrift: WayBeyond Rewards retail store discounts!
Get The Look

Double Tap This

Am I the only one tired of scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing outfits you love but can’t afford so all you can do is double top, and scroll on? Or maybe you’re just tired of waiting for retail store discounts and sales?

Everyone always says “dress for your body” but nobody ever says dress for your budget, but today I’m going to let you in on how to be both trendy and thrifty.

So instead of me telling you 5 ways to wear your floral dresses this fall, or why everyone should own a pair of boyfriend jeans, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that can get you a luxurious looking wardrobe, on a not so luxurious budget.

Let me start by telling it how it is. Typically the most expensive wardrobes are the ones that look the best, painful I know. I will also tell you this, there is a way you can get the look of a luxurious wardrobe, on a not so luxurious budget.

I’m here to tell you the way by finding pieces of an outfit from top to bottom, telling you how to style it, and where to get it at the most affordable price so you don’t always have to wait for retail store discounts to shop.

Are you ready for the confidence boost you’re going to get when you start hearing “Where did you get that?” and “I love your outfit”? Follow my steps to help you fake it till you make it using WayBeyond Rewards Retail store discounts and coupons


How To Get It:

Step One:

  • Head over to your closet
  • Grab your go-to pair of black hip hugging jeans.

Step Two: Hit up H&M next

  • Pick up a simple white T, which they call “V-neck Jersey Top”, for $5.99. Unless you already have one and in that case, look at you girl, already 2 items you’ve saved on!

Step Three: Next head over to Rue 21. I know what you’re thinking “Rue 21?!” Yes I just said Rue 21…Don’t count me out just yet. This is where things get fun.

  • Find their “Black Belted Crop Moto Jacket” for $29.99.
  • Hit up their accessories section and pick of a pair of their “Tortoiseshell Wide Cat Eye Sunglasses” for $3.55.
  • Now look for their “Pearl Tassel Drop Earrings” for $6.29. That brings your grand total at Rue 21 to $38.78.

Step Four: Pull up your WayBeyond Rewards Portal.

  • Guess what you get under the shop category? You get $10 off EVERY $30 you spend. Meaning that your grand total is now actually $28.78.

Step Five: Don’t think I forgot about shoes..

  • Head over to a PUMA outlet store and pick up a pair of their GORG Fenty Suede Cleated Creeper that for non-savvy shoppers typically cost $100.

Step Six: Pull up your WayBeyond Rewards Portal one more time

  • Under the shop category, this time around you get $20 off your purchase of $100 or more. Meaning that you get them for $80.

Okay now let’s recap. With a little bit of guidance from moi, you got this entire look, head to toe, accessories and all for $108.78. The best part? You saved more than enough money to pay for your membership for a month, IN JUST ONE OUTFIT.

Now you get to be the one getting all the likes on your Instagram post because your year round statement piece is the money you saved all thanks to WayBeyond Rewards retail store discounts and coupons!

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Because Mom Deserves A Night Out; Discounted Movie Tickets!


This one’s for you moms!

You deserve a break from the crazy Halloween planning you just finished, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas planning that’s coming, but most importantly you deserve it for cheap!

A Bad Moms Christmas came out yesterday, and according to IMDB, it’s about “three under-appreciated and over-burdened women as they rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for moms: Christmas.” The under-appreciated and over-burdened ring a bell to anyone?

It’s too bad that now a days, you always find yourself waiting for movies to come out on Netflix, or Red Box, or even on TV in a year because tickets are SO expensive. I mean $10 to $15 for a movie? And don’t even think about buying snacks because you’re relaxing mom night out, just turned into $25 down the drain.

When you become a member of WayBeyond Rewards you never have to buy movie tickets at that price again. As a member, you get your discounts movie tickets for as little as $9.00! All you have to do is fill out the discounted movie ticket order form, include $9, send it our way, and we’ll send you your tickets.

$15 dollars may not be worth the 1hr and 40 min of peace and quiet, but $9.00 sure is!

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