Trendy and Thrifty: How to impress by dressing for your budget using retail store discounts & coupons!

The Trend thanks to the Thrift: WayBeyond Rewards retail store discounts!
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Am I the only one tired of scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing outfits you love but can’t afford so all you can do is double top, and scroll on? Or maybe you’re just tired of waiting for retail store discounts and sales?

Everyone always says “dress for your body” but nobody ever says dress for your budget, but today I’m going to let you in on how to be both trendy and thrifty.

So instead of me telling you 5 ways to wear your floral dresses this fall, or why everyone should own a pair of boyfriend jeans, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that can get you a luxurious looking wardrobe, on a not so luxurious budget.

Let me start by telling it how it is. Typically the most expensive wardrobes are the ones that look the best, painful I know. I will also tell you this, there is a way you can get the look of a luxurious wardrobe, on a not so luxurious budget.

I’m here to tell you the way by finding pieces of an outfit from top to bottom, telling you how to style it, and where to get it at the most affordable price so you don’t always have to wait for retail store discounts to shop.

Are you ready for the confidence boost you’re going to get when you start hearing “Where did you get that?” and “I love your outfit”? Follow my steps to help you fake it till you make it using WayBeyond Rewards Retail store discounts and coupons


How To Get It:

Step One:

  • Head over to your closet
  • Grab your go-to pair of black hip hugging jeans.

Step Two: Hit up H&M next

  • Pick up a simple white T, which they call “V-neck Jersey Top”, for $5.99. Unless you already have one and in that case, look at you girl, already 2 items you’ve saved on!

Step Three: Next head over to Rue 21. I know what you’re thinking “Rue 21?!” Yes I just said Rue 21…Don’t count me out just yet. This is where things get fun.

  • Find their “Black Belted Crop Moto Jacket” for $29.99.
  • Hit up their accessories section and pick of a pair of their “Tortoiseshell Wide Cat Eye Sunglasses” for $3.55.
  • Now look for their “Pearl Tassel Drop Earrings” for $6.29. That brings your grand total at Rue 21 to $38.78.

Step Four: Pull up your WayBeyond Rewards Portal.

  • Guess what you get under the shop category? You get $10 off EVERY $30 you spend. Meaning that your grand total is now actually $28.78.

Step Five: Don’t think I forgot about shoes..

  • Head over to a PUMA outlet store and pick up a pair of their GORG Fenty Suede Cleated Creeper that for non-savvy shoppers typically cost $100.

Step Six: Pull up your WayBeyond Rewards Portal one more time

  • Under the shop category, this time around you get $20 off your purchase of $100 or more. Meaning that you get them for $80.

Okay now let’s recap. With a little bit of guidance from moi, you got this entire look, head to toe, accessories and all for $108.78. The best part? You saved more than enough money to pay for your membership for a month, IN JUST ONE OUTFIT.

Now you get to be the one getting all the likes on your Instagram post because your year round statement piece is the money you saved all thanks to WayBeyond Rewards retail store discounts and coupons!

Join WayBeyond Rewards today to take advantage of these great savings, because we make being trendy and thrifty easy!

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