Thanksgiving Travel Hacks from a Travel Discount Program

Travel Discount Program Thanksgiving Sale

While you’re hoping to get home to get a plate of your mom’s homemade green bean casserole this Thanksgiving, so are millions of other Americans. That’s why we have three travel tips from our Travel Discount Program to help you get around that Thanksgiving holiday stress.

Pro Travel Tip One – Dating wisely:

No this isn’t what you think it is. All we mean by this is pick your travel dates carefully. Keep in mind that just like you, people all over the states are also traveling so booking cheap flights, cheap hotels, and even cheap rental cars in advance is going to be your saving grace this holiday! Or you could do it the other way around. Did you know that flying on the holiday itself could actually help you avoid that thanksgiving airport congestion? So whether you’re an early booker or a little more of a straggler, make sure you pick exactly the right time to have a stress free traveling experience.


Pro Travel Tip Two – Be Picky with Security Lines

Once you’ve booked and arrived at the airport, something as mindless as picking the right security line could reduce your traveling stress too. See a line with parents traveling with kids? Avoid it. See a line with a person who packed enough for a month, for one holiday? Avoid it. All lines look equally as miserably long? Nicely Ask TSA which line seems to be moving the fastest for the best advice as to where to go – nicely being the operative word here.

Pro Travel Tip Three- Book through WayBeyond Rewards!

With historically high projected numbers of Americans traveling this Thanksgiving, finding the top Thanksgiving deals could make or break your stress levels. Luckily as a member, bidding for the best traveling deals, hotel deals, and even rental cars doesn’t apply to you. Through WayBeyond Rewards’ travel discount program, you can find the lowest rates with no booking fees and no bidding, because getting you home at the best price is our priority this holiday and each holiday to come. Even if you’re not a member, there’s still time to be as stress free as our members are. How you may ask? Because on top of our already-low prices, we’ve added a thanksgiving sale if you book between October 21st – November 22nd.

Traveling on thanksgiving may not be ideal, but if it means getting home for that green bean casserole many of us would jump hell and high water for it. Follow our pro travel tips to make that jump as stress-free as possible for you, and let joining WayBeyond Rewards’ travel discount program be just one more thing you’re thankful for this thanksgiving



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