What Living in a World Where Everyone Needs Glasses is Like..From The Eyes of a Vision Discount Program

ExpensiveVision Discount Program

We’ve always figured that, at some point in our lives, we may need glasses. The reality has become that most of us already have them. The eyewear industry is booming and unfortunately, the weaker our eyes get, the more it grows. It’s bad enough that glasses aren’t cheap, but it’s even worse that, if we need them, we really can’t avoid having to get them. Groundbreaking, I know. If only there was a vision discount program you could actually rely on…

Here’s something you might not know. There is! but first some bad and good news. Bad News- Your insurance doesn’t typically care if you want a trendy pair of glasses, or that maybe you prefer a sophisticated look, or that you’re more of a simple-comfortable-pair kind of person. Good News-They’ll cover some of the cost of your glasses because that’s what insurance is for, right? Well, what about the rest of the cost? Even better news-That’s where we come in.

Our vision discount program can make the cost of your new, trendy, comfortable, sophisticated glasses a little less painful on your wallet.

Our members save up to 40% off with our eyeglasses discounts, contact lens discounts, and even eye exams discounts, at over 65,000 providers nationwide. This includes leading optical retailers such as  LensCrafters®, Sears Optical® Target Optical®, JCPenney® Optical, and most Pearle Vision® locations.

Wait, there’s more! You know that little surgery that could literally fix your eye problems? Our members get LASIK discounts and even LASIK coupons of up to 15% off standard prices or 5% off promotional prices.

 Now, that’s what we call groundbreaking. Learn more about how we constantly strive to make an expensive, unavoidable purchase a little more affordable, one member at a time

Join WayBeyond Rewards today to start saving! 

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