DIY Thanksgiving Decor on a Budget-

All the cute and cozy, none of the costly!

Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of preparation. Starting from the house cleaning, to the food shopping, to the house decorating, and how can we forget the cooking? For that reason, we want to help make one part of your Thanksgiving holiday a little less stressful, and a little more affordable, with DIY Thanksgiving Décor. WayBeyond Rewards can help you save on so many aspects of life, so we just want to give you one more opportunity to put a little cash back in your pocket.

So how do you get the cute and the cozy without the costly?

The two fall DIY pieces: Table Centerpiece & a Wreath!

Canela Candles:

For this simple and elegant décor you will need three candles, cinnamon sticks, a hot glue gun, a ribbon of any color, and a dish.

Step 1: Make sure the candles are all the same height before you affix the cinnamon to the candles.

Step 2: Vertically hot glue the cinnamon sticks to the candles, one by one, until the entire candle is covered

Step 3: Lastly tie the ribbon around the candle, and place all three candles on a dish.

What’s better than a house that feels like a cozy home and smells good? We couldn’t think of anything either.

Photography: Earl Carter – Source:

FALL’ing over this wreath:

Here’s what you’ll need! A wire hanger right out of your closet, pinecones right from the outdoors, a hot glue gun, white spray paint, beads, and a ribbon of your choice.

DIY Decor

Step 1: Hot glue the beads individually to the bottom of each pinecone.

DIY Wreath

Step 2: String the beaded pinecones through the wire hanger in a way that looks prettiest to you. Try to avoid gaps and wiggling.

DIY Wreath

Step 3: Lay the wreath outside, take the white spray paint and lightly spray for a snow kissed effect.

DIY Wreath

Step 4: Lastly, attach that big beautiful bow, and hang your new fall wreath

Our members are constantly saving money on everyday purchases! However, we want our members to have the knowledge they need to create things with their own hands, and to know that in return, this could save them thousands of dollars. Go you for inexpensively welcoming fall, family, and thanksgiving!

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