You made your holiday shopping list, you checked it twice, but I bet you missed this.

We did your holiday shopping for you!

Finding the perfect present can be time-consuming and stressful, so this year why don’t we make things easier and get our shopping done together?! If our team took the time to find the best and most affordable holiday gifts, why not just kick up your feet, grab some eggnog, and start crossing people off your long list, because you just found the place that’s going to have the perfect holiday shopping hacks for every person on your list. Our gift to you.

For the movie buff: The first gift i

Holiday shopping
Holiday shopping

s the perfect stocking stuffer. As we all know, one adult movie ticket retails up to $15.00, and because of that, giving people movie ticket gift cards has gotten extremely pricey and out of style, until today. Members get movie tickets at just $8.25 with zero restrictions! That’s just about half the cost of regular retail prices for you and your guest to enjoy a night out, that costs you half of what it normally would.


For the sports fan: Get them tickets to see their favorite team, at a price that doesn’t tackle your budget. Buying football tickets at a member price could save you anywhere from $30.00 to $100+ per tickets, depending on the event. It’s like the touchdown of present giving!

For the slopes lover: Buy them tickets at your member price to ski resorts nationwide. As a member, you have access to purchasing lift tickets at up to 50% discounted. For example, New England is known to have killer slopes, but tickets to a mountain like Killington could cost $115 for a 1-day lift ticket. Buying that same ticket using your member price gives your loved one access to a resort that stretches across six mountains, features 155 diverse trails, and served by 22 lifts for $70. Best part? That’s only one of the mountains we offer those kinds of savings too. Get tickets to anywhere from Colorado to Vermont, and everything in between at unreal prices so they can experience unreal trails.

Now last but not least, ahem, drum roll people.

Give the gift of a WayBeyond Rewards membership. Instead of giving them gifts with your discounts, why not give them the gift of having the discounts? Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving. This means you’re giving them access to all these great savings, all the time. PLUS you’re giving th

em access to rebates that give them cash back and a 5.99% APR open-end line of credit of up to $500 for them to buy their presents with. ‘Tis the season for you to team up with us to bring the best gifts home from now on.

Become a member of WayBeyond Rewards today to give the gift of savings!

Your Not So Typical Rebate Program

Get real cash back from a rebate program
Get real cash back from a rebate program

This isn’t another blog telling you how to effectively manage your monthly bill payments. We’re not here to tell you how to avoid late bill payments, or how to track your bills better. What we are here to do, is tell you how to put real cash back in your pocket on your everyday expenses through our rebate program.

You’re probably used to hearing about rebate programs in the context of price discounts on goods – the usual offer goes “Regular cost $79.00 – but it’s $39.00 after mail-in rebate!”. Our rebates are a little different. We’re not here to claim cash back, we’re here to give our members real cash back.

Do you spend money on gas every month? How about on your cell phone? Groceries? Maybe utilities, or even childcare? Well if that’s the case, did you know you could be getting a check for every one of those things, and more, sent to you? We’re talking cold-hard-cash, back in your pocket!

We understand that life can get expensive and that’s why the rebates are some of our favorite member benefits. These benefits are a part of what makes this membership so great because they’re just another way that WayBeyond Rewards ensures that our memberships pay for themselves! All you have to do is fill out the rebate forms and send them in, and we’ll send you a check that you can put right back into your bank account!

Here are some more examples of our rebate program that help you get cash back for everyday expenses:

Have Internet at home? Put up to $120 back in your pocket each year (up to $10 each month) with our Internet rebates!

Drive back and forth to work?  Fill up your tank at the gas station of YOUR choice and get up to $200 a year in gas rebates.

Shop weekly for groceries? Get up to $100 back each year on the brands you love.

Use public transportation? We have rebates for that too! Up to $120 back each year.

Missed an event you bought tickets to? You could get $100 reimbursed every six months.

Tired of the added cost of flying from wi-fi, checking bags, food or drink? Get up to $40 cash back every year for in-flight expenses

Make a credit card purchase for admission to a theme park, a festival or a different kind of family entertainment activity? Send us the bill and we’ll send you up to $200 every year!

Join WayBeyond Rewards and save on the things you need, to be able to spend on the things you want!