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Since we provide you with a shortcut to savings.

Here’s an easy cash shortcut and as to how our application works.

WayBeyond Rewards members get access to thousands of rewards. Including $1,600 easy cash back in annual rebates, exclusive vacation packages, insider prices for event tickets, and coupons and discounts on virtually everything, you spend your money on! Members also get access to an amazing open-end line of credit at an incredibly low, fixed rate of 5.99% APR.

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If you decide that you’re interested in the great rewards, but don’t necessarily want or need the line of credit right now, simply fill out a couple fields with your personal information including first name, last name, birthdate, and address (so we can send you some cool stuff!). Then, you’ll create a username, provide a payment method, and voila — you’re part of the club!

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If you decide that you think you might want to become a member to access the amazing line of credit benefit, we have a special feature just for you – the advisory approval process!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…literally.

Part 1 is finding out how much money you’ll get before you join WayBeyond Rewards. We provide this feature because we don’t want you to feel bait and switched or to have to commit to membership if you’re not happy with what we’re going to offer you.

Part 2 is joining WayBeyond Rewards because you’re happy with the amount we’ve offered you! You’re ready to get access to your cash and 1,000’s of savings and rewards! Just follow the same process described above for members without loans.

Part 3 is logging into your member portal where all of your benefits are housed. Along with reviewing your line of credit agreement and completing the loan application to take advantage of your line of credit benefit.

The advisory approval is provided by Loyalty Lending, our trusted lending partner. To unlock how much cash you can get today, you enter a little personal information such as your name, address, email, phone number, the last four digits of your social security number, and your date of birth. We’ll use that information to verify your identity and determine your creditworthiness by running a credit check. Within seconds, you will get an advisory approval amount which could go all the way up to $500!

What’s next? Accessing your cash! Made available to you only because you’re savvy enough to become a WayBeyond Rewards member.

Finally, you just have to log into your member portal using the credentials you just created. Read over your line of credit disclosures, agree to the terms, electronically sign, and provide a payment method for your loan payments. Voila! You’re done. You now have a virtual card loaded with the amount you were approved for that you can use for any of your purchases.

The best part? You didn’t just get access to a great line of credit with a low APR… You also got 1,000’s of discounts and savings that you can use nationwide!

We want to make saving money easier so you can make your life easier, that’s why we made applying easy too.

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Intercepting the way you buy your game tickets; Sports Event Discounts

Sports Event Discounts

There are two kinds of football fans in the world. Those that can tell you the first time their favorite team won the Super Bowl, what the score was, who played, who got injured and even play by play of the touchdown that won the game. These are the people that if they’re not attending the game, they spend Football Sunday fixed to the tv at home, every Sunday, watching every game. These are also the people that have a seasonal drawer for their Sunday football attire. Those people who leave and breathe football will now be referred to as hardcore fans.

Then there are the other kinds of football fans. Those that are there for the football food, the beers, the friends, and the good times. These kinds of football fans are always screaming along, supporting their friends’ favorite teams, and putting back a remarkable amount of beers. A team winning or losing doesn’t necessarily phase them, as long as they enjoyed themselves during the day drinking activities. They’re always fun to have around because even though they’re usually repeating things they heard on TV, they know how to have a good time and keep things exciting! We won’t call them bandwagon fans because I find that has a negative connotation to it, but maybe more like, along for the ride fans. However, football fans nonetheless.

If you find you neither a hardcore fan or along for the ride fan, what I have to share with you still applies to you. No matter what type of fan you are, you’ll want to make a gameday appearance for your favorite team. Whether it be as often as possible, or when your friends mention they want to go. WayBeyond Rewards offers sports event discounts on tickets for all sports events, for all types of fans.

Buying tickets full price is a thing of the past! Make WayBeyond Rewards the way you buy your game tickets, because no matter what type of fan you are, you deserve to see the best games, from the best seats, at the best price!

Not convinced yet? Take it from Marc!

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We “Auto” Do Something About Getting Ripped Off At The Mechanic

In the male-dominated industry of auto repair, it can be easy for a woman to feel helpless when she needs to get her car serviced. If you’re not getting overcharged, you are getting oversold, or downright just ripped off. We struggle to lift the hood, we panic when we see lights go off on our dashboard, and we feel taken advantage off then we go to the mechanic. This stereotype of women needs to be left in our rearview mirror in 2018!

Ladies, it’s time to take charge of all these feelings and fears because new cars are EXPENSIVE and so taking care of your current ride needs to be a priority.

Did you know that according to Forbes® women purchase 52% of cars sold and influence 85% of all car-buying decisions? Meaning that women basically have full say over an astounding $80 billion worth of spending on cars.

Did you also know that in 1893, Margaret Wilcox, a mechanical engineer, invented the first car heater?

How about Mary Anderson, a New Yorker who invented a manual lever that operated a wiper from inside the car after seeing drivers pulled over to get out of their cars and clear snow from their windows?

Maybe Mrs. Hedy Lamar who designed the wireless transmission technology that made GPS and Wi-Fi possible?

No? Perhaps Mr. Karl Benz’s wife will ring a bell, Bertha Benz. He invented the first patented automobile, she was the first to take a long distance road trip in the car & also invented brake pads.

With all these advances in cars created by women, how is it that 74% of us still feel like our automobile needs are misunderstood?

Where’s the disconnect and how do we reconnect?

Along with educating yourself about your car and its needs, the reconnect can happen with the help of a WayBeyond Rewards.

Membership offers everything from 24-hour roadside assistance to anything from towing, to flat tire assistance, to fuel delivery service, a lockout service, jump start, and even winching. Not only do we have a 24-hour Roadside Protect Program but we also offer discounts on auto service needs.

You know all those times you got talked into buying a new air filter, or other totally unnecessary maintenance costs? You can now trust that you’re always making the right decision when it comes to your car with all access to discounts from anything to oil changes, to free tire rotations, discounts on lube, and oil and filter.

And I’m not done just yet, you can even save up to $200 a year every month on your gas expenses. By completing a gas rebate form, you put money back in your pocket that you can spend on pampering yourself instead of your car this month.

Never let your mechanic hustle you again!

This is a membership that will make you comfortable to handle any issue with your car that may arise.

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Three Things That Should Be On Your New Years Resolution List

Why do we always cross things off Christmas lists but find it impossible to cross things off New Years resolution lists?
Well, one thing you can be sure you’ll cross off this year is improving your finances. These are the top three things you should focus on when wanting to boost your finances in the new year.

Make sure your identity theft vulnerability is low
In 2017, some of the largest credit bureaus were hacked by online criminals. No big deal- right? Wrong! Millions of Americans got their personal information stolen and it affected their credit scores in a big way. So at this point, it’s only safe to assume that if it’s happened once, it could happen again. Do things like changing your bank account passwords, actively check your credit score, and get identity theft protection to avoid being one of the unfortunate millions again.

Start saving on everyday purchases
You don’t always have to buy things at their price tag. Shop during sale season, because there is always a sale going on, and someone is always selling something for a little less. That’s why it’s called competitive advantage.

Lastly, track your spending!
Start by listing your regular monthly expenses. Next, track your out of pocket weekly spendings, and then compare both numbers. Are you spending more then you can afford to? This is where you can start to create a plan.

Your plan should start and end with WayBeyond Rewards.

Membership offers you benefits like ID theft protection so you’re never one of the million left unguarded. Membership also offers a credit view dashboard powered by TransUnion so you can actively keep an eye on your credit. Last but definitely not least, membership makes every season sale season by offering discounts on different life necessities like retail, food, travel, services, and so much more!

Sign up for  WayBeyond Rewards to make crossing improving your finances off your New Years resolution list! Join today!