Three Things That Should Be On Your New Years Resolution List

Why do we always cross things off Christmas lists but find it impossible to cross things off New Years resolution lists?
Well, one thing you can be sure you’ll cross off this year is improving your finances. These are the top three things you should focus on when wanting to boost your finances in the new year.

Make sure your identity theft vulnerability is low
In 2017, some of the largest credit bureaus were hacked by online criminals. No big deal- right? Wrong! Millions of Americans got their personal information stolen and it affected their credit scores in a big way. So at this point, it’s only safe to assume that if it’s happened once, it could happen again. Do things like changing your bank account passwords, actively check your credit score, and get identity theft protection to avoid being one of the unfortunate millions again.

Start saving on everyday purchases
You don’t always have to buy things at their price tag. Shop during sale season, because there is always a sale going on, and someone is always selling something for a little less. That’s why it’s called competitive advantage.

Lastly, track your spending!
Start by listing your regular monthly expenses. Next, track your out of pocket weekly spendings, and then compare both numbers. Are you spending more then you can afford to? This is where you can start to create a plan.

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