We “Auto” Do Something About Getting Ripped Off At The Mechanic

In the male-dominated industry of auto repair, it can be easy for a woman to feel helpless when she needs to get her car serviced. If you’re not getting overcharged, you are getting oversold, or downright just ripped off. We struggle to lift the hood, we panic when we see lights go off on our dashboard, and we feel taken advantage off then we go to the mechanic. This stereotype of women needs to be left in our rearview mirror in 2018!

Ladies, it’s time to take charge of all these feelings and fears because new cars are EXPENSIVE and so taking care of your current ride needs to be a priority.

Did you know that according to Forbes® women purchase 52% of cars sold and influence 85% of all car-buying decisions? Meaning that women basically have full say over an astounding $80 billion worth of spending on cars.

Did you also know that in 1893, Margaret Wilcox, a mechanical engineer, invented the first car heater?

How about Mary Anderson, a New Yorker who invented a manual lever that operated a wiper from inside the car after seeing drivers pulled over to get out of their cars and clear snow from their windows?

Maybe Mrs. Hedy Lamar who designed the wireless transmission technology that made GPS and Wi-Fi possible?

No? Perhaps Mr. Karl Benz’s wife will ring a bell, Bertha Benz. He invented the first patented automobile, she was the first to take a long distance road trip in the car & also invented brake pads.

With all these advances in cars created by women, how is it that 74% of us still feel like our automobile needs are misunderstood?

Where’s the disconnect and how do we reconnect?

Along with educating yourself about your car and its needs, the reconnect can happen with the help of a WayBeyond Rewards.

Membership offers everything from 24-hour roadside assistance to anything from towing, to flat tire assistance, to fuel delivery service, a lockout service, jump start, and even winching. Not only do we have a 24-hour Roadside Protect Program but we also offer discounts on auto service needs.

You know all those times you got talked into buying a new air filter, or other totally unnecessary maintenance costs? You can now trust that you’re always making the right decision when it comes to your car with all access to discounts from anything to oil changes, to free tire rotations, discounts on lube, and oil and filter.

And I’m not done just yet, you can even save up to $200 a year every month on your gas expenses. By completing a gas rebate form, you put money back in your pocket that you can spend on pampering yourself instead of your car this month.

Never let your mechanic hustle you again!

This is a membership that will make you comfortable to handle any issue with your car that may arise.

So why wait? Join WayBeyond Rewards today!

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