Hacks On Saving Money Back-To-School Shopping

Let’s get down to why we’re all here, saving money on school supplies. The kids going back-to-school can be an exciting thing for both you & the kids. It can also be an expensive thing, especially when it comes to buying supplies for one, two or even more kids. Here are this year’s savings hacks on avoiding spending more then you should.






1.) List

Look around the house and make a list of all the supplies you already have from your child’s previous school year. There’s going to be so much you didn’t know was there that you can avoid repurchasing. Whether they’re pens, markers, rulers, or even notebooks in old backpacks, it all saves you money at the end of the day.

2.)    Try On

Clothes can get really expensive, so make sure you have your child try on last years’ clothes so you know what still fits and what truly needs to be replaced. If your child played a sport last year, see if you can resell any of their gear for some extra cash. Other parents will appreciate not having to pay full price for lightly used gear as well.

3.)    Ask The Teachers

If there’s any high-priced technology on the kids’ materials list, check with their teachers to see if there are any cheaper alternatives, or what suggestions they have regarding the required items.

4.)    Use Your Savings

Make a list and pull up your WayBeyond Rewards savings & coupons to make sure you save on every item on your list. Whether it’s discounts on clothes or coupons for pens and pencils, we got you!

5.)    Backpack Rules

Sometimes we choose things based on the lower cost but when it comes to backpacks, it’s important to note that the right fit is more expensive than the right price, especially during a child’s formative years. Chose a bag depending on their daily school supply load. You’ll end up saving money because you won’t have to purchase a different backpack when your child starts complaining of back or shoulder pain!

6.)    Buy for durability

Keep in mind that you end up saving more in the long run if you buy sturdier materials such as folders and binders because you won’t have to replace them the next year.


You don’t have to pinch pennies this year as long as you start with a plan and have WayBeyond Rewards by your side. We can save you money on the gas to get to the store, the supplies you need to buy, the food you eat during your shopping breaks, and the savings don’t stop there. The sooner you sign up and start, the more you’ll save when shopping for school supplies this year.

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