Halloween Horror Night Discounts – 55% Off Tickets!

Halloween Horror Night Discounts

As the weather cools off, and the autumn leaves start to fall, we can’t help but get excited about the spooky Halloween season. Especially with our one-of-a-kind Halloween Horror Night Discounts . With savings of up to 55% off gate prices, who wouldn’t be?!

Halloween Horror Nights happen annually at Universal Studios Florida™ Worldwide. Our members get access to unbelievable discounts to Orlando’s Universal Studios™. Starting on September 14th and running through November 3rd, some of the most notorious creators of horror are taking over. Universal is bringing to life their stories and visions throughout the park and creating a chilling experience for the thrill seekers out there.

While in Florida it may still be warm and sunny, as soon as the sun goes down a spine-chilling aura fills the air. Screams and mad laughter surround you while you enter into countless haunted houses, inspired by the biggest names in horror. Surrounded by diabolical laughter and screeching screams, you’ll be on your toes for each exhilarating attraction. Some being “The Stranger Things Maze”, based off the Netflix® hit. The other a haunted house based off of “Halloween 4; The Return of Michael Myers”, and another named the “Poltergeist.”

As members of WayBeyond Rewards, you are in for a heart-pounding experience when buying your tickets for Halloween Horror Nights. However, don’t fret, there’s something for everyone at Universal Studios Florida™, the kids, the adults, and especially for the ones who love a good bargain!  Take advantage of your member-only discounts for your frights and delights this Halloween season. Join now to get a thrilling horror escape that reaches WAYbeyond your wildest nightmares!

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