October Deals; The Four Deals You Don’t Want To Miss This Month!

October Deals

Leaves are changing colors, they’re falling from the trees. Days are growing shorter and colder. What’s all this mean, you may ask? It means fall has arrived. It also means that Black Friday is right around the corner. While that’s prime shopping time, it doesn’t have to be the only time. October deals are so good, you won’t need to wait for Black Friday! 

    The first category is appliances. New models of large appliances like stoves, washers and dryers were released at the end of September. This means that retailers sell older models at a discounted rate to make room for the newer items on their shelves. You don’t have to wait until Black Friday for deep discounts – instead, start looking at your favorite retailers for appliances like stoves, washers, and dryers!

    If you love a good hike, this is the month for you to buy your gear! Everything from tents to fishing and summer hiking gear can be discounted up to 70% during the end-of-season clearance sales. Head to a store before temperatures seriously drop, since it’s the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities, and also the perfect time to buy all your gear.

     An autumn staple may not be something you expect to be discounted this time of year, but it is. We are talking about denim! Retailers have so many jeans left over from the back-to-school supplies that they discount all the “old” jeans for the new inventory! Time to stock up for winter by getting the best deals in October.

    We’ve all heard the best time to buy Halloween items is the day after Halloween, but did you also know that the entire week leading up to it is also a great time to buy? You still get all the killer deals on costumes and decorations (no pun intended 😉).

Best part? As a WayBeyond Rewards Member, you also get access to exclusive discounts in these categories too! Make sure you log in and check your member deals to really save this month. If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and shop savvily! 

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