Happy National Pancake Day!

Want a short stack for free on National Pancake Day? Here’s how:

This year will be the International House Of Pancakes’ 13th Annual National Pancake Day. They offer customers a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes every year on their anniversary. While the pancakes are free, IHOP® makes every stack count, by encouraging customers to make a small donation to charity partners. Since 2006, IHOP® has raised $30 million for youth, health, wellness, and educational organizations. Their goal this year is to make that number $5 million bigger.

Today people will be indulging in IHOP’s® original buttermilk pancakes, nationwide, all for a cause. Even if you happen to not be a huge fan of pancakes, they have other great things on the menu. Most importantly, however, it’s still a great day to go to IHOP® to get involved in the cause for local children’s hospitals and health organizations.

The great news is that IHOP’s® free short stack isn’t the only meal you could have for free that day! As a member of WayBeyond Rewards, you get access to amazing restaurant coupons nationwide. One of which is for IHOP®. With this coupon, you can enjoy a free entrée of your choice with the purchase of an entree of equal or greater value and two beverages. We figure either the less money you have the spend the more you save or perhaps the less money you save the more you donate. Either way, it’s a win-win and both WBR and IHOP® end up with happy customers.

Happy National Pancake Day & Join WayBeyond Rewards so you don’t have to wait for February 27th for a free meal.