Here’s How To Make May A Money Saving Month!

  1. Make weekly challenges for yourself:

The idea of this tip is to give yourself smaller goals that will make your larger goal easier to reach! Those goals could look like no eating out for the week, only keeping the lights on for a few hour a day, make coffee at home for the week instead of buying it every day.

2. Don’t feel like you need to buy all your groceries from the same place:

Here’s what to skip and what to buy from dollar stores that are just as good as anywhere else.

Cleaning supplies: You can’t go wrong with cleaning supplies that cost less then $0.50.

 Baking & Storage Items: Dollar stores sell some great foil baking products, hefty® brand zip bags, and even small storage bins for less than prices at standard grocery stores.

Household Items: Anything from paper towels, to trash bags, napkins and lightbulbs; all brand names, all for a dollar.

  1. 3. Calculate purchases by hours worked: Instead of looking at just the price tag, see how many hours you had to work to afford that, and then decide if those $50 shoes are worth the hours you worked.
  2. Use the 24 Hour Rule: This is for us impulse shoppers out there. If it’s a nonessential purchase, think it over for 24 hours, and still if you still “Neeeeed to have it”, then go ahead and buy it, but try to find a coupon or deal to reduce the price.
  3. Make a Budget: Making a budget allows you to see exactly how much is coming in, how much is coming out, and how much you need to be setting aside. It allows you to really understand both your income and your expenses.
  4. Save your loose change: Yes this means putting those coins that have been at the bottom of our purse for months in a jar, and letting it grow over time. But it could also mean downloading an app that rounds your purchases up to the nearest dollar and saves that “loose change” for you.
  5. Send in Rebates: There are expenses that no one can avoid to have. Luckily WayBeyond Rewards provides you a way to save on those expenses as well. Save your receipts on things like groceries, child care, utilities, and cell phone bills. Then mail them in and you’ll get a check back in the mail.
  6. Coupon: Using coupons doesn’t have to mean sitting down and cutting out your favorites from your newspaper. You have all the ability to save right in your WayBeyond Rewards account portal with our coupons tab. Grocery shopping should always include a little couponing, am I right?
  7. Don’t pay full price for a night out: Everyone needs a night out every now and then, even when you’re trying to save. Fortunately, we have some advice on how to save money when you do go out. Instead of buying those movie tickets for $13 a piece , use WayBeyond Rewards to get them i for almost half of that! Date night? Use your monthly $25® gift card to cover the cost of your meal. Quick Weekend Getaway? Use your WayBeyond Rewards “best of” discounts to book trips, hotels, and even rental cars for the cheapest fares.


Becoming a WayBeyond Rewards member is super simple, and the returns you get on a membership with us will last you a lifetime, because you can’t put a price on saving money! Our members are saving for vacations, cars, and even retirement. What are you saving for?

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